FAQ Section

-- PLEASE NOTE:  I am currently with pregnancy leave and will not be taking any more clients until after August. Thanks for understanding! :) --

I want a cover. How do I contact you and what happens then?
You can contact me through the contact page. I check my email daily and will respond within 3-days time. Please keep in mind that I might not respond during the weekends. Please include the following information when contacting me:

  1. Book title
  2. Author/pen name
  3. (Optional): Taglines you might want to put on the front
  4. Description of the book
  5. Genre
  6. General feeling/mood of the book: is it dark, sad, happy, sweet, erotic, etc?
  7. Anything else that matters (such as cover reveal date)

I need at least 2 weeks time to create a cover, so schedule in advance!

If I order an ebook cover now, can I order a paperback cover later?
Yes, of course, but an additional fee is required when you do decide to have it in paperback as well. Please inquire for more information.

How many changes can I make to the design?
Unlimited, as I want you to be happy with the design you're getting. :) I will work with you until we reach the perfect cover.

Will you do a scene cover?
Unfortunately, I strongly advice against using scenes on a cover, so I prefer not creating those. Instead, I work with a general theme, feeling/mood and colors.

Will you do erotica covers?
Yes! In fact, I have no objections to any sort of pictures used, so long as it's still tasteful. I have no objections to nudity and can pretty much work with anything.

What happens with the design I reject?
I will create a different design for you, but I retain the right to reuse the elements and/or styles used in the design.

Can I publicize the mock-ups?
I'd prefer it that you don't do that. Only the finalized cover can be shared.

What filesizes will I get?
I will deliver a 1563 x 2500 px JPEG file, which can be uploaded on all retailer platforms, as well as a 3d PNG & JPEG for promotional purposes.

What about copyright?
I retain the copyright to the book covers I design. What I am selling is the license to use the cover art.

You may use the cover I designed for your book in whatever capacity you need as long as the original design is not modified. This means you can use the cover in bookmarks, postcards, and in book trailers, etc. whether I create them or not. But you are not allowed to alter the design itself.